Computer lingo guide

Log on - Adding a log to your wood stoveLog off - Don't add a log to your wood stoveMonitor - Keep an eye on the wood stoveMegahertz - When a big log drops on your bare foot in the morningFloppy disk - What you get from piling too much wood into your wood stoveRam - The hydraulic machine that makes the woodsplitter workDrive - Getting home during most of the winter to your wood stoveHard drive - Trying to get home during a heavy snow stormPrompt - What you wish the mail was during the snow seasonEnter - Come on inWindows - What you must shut when the temperature hits 10 belowScreen - What is a must during black fly seasonChip - What you munch during a football gamesMicrochip - What's left in the bag when the normal chips are goneModem - What you did to your fields last JulyDot Matrix - Eino Matrix's wifeLaptop - Where the grandkids sitKeyboard - Where you're supposed to put the keys so the wife can find themSoftware - Plastic picnic utensilsMouse - What leaves those little turds in the cupboardMainframe - The part of the house that holds up the roofPort - Where the commercial fishing boats dockRandom Access Memory - When you can't remember how much you spent on the new deer rifle when wife asks about it