50 Ways to Appreciate Life

1. Watch the sunset-- on a sled.2. Smile more, --it might get you a free beer.3. Complain less. --It might get you a free beer.4. Surprise a friend with a call. -- It might get you a free beer.5. Develop your gifts. -- You might need them.6. Count your blessings. -- You might need these too!7. Talk to someone in an elevator. -- Particularly ones with Arctic Cat jackets on, or those carrying beer.8. Breathe consciously once in a while. -- This cures snoring.9. Enjoy sneezes -- and stay behind the one sneezing.10. Appreciate that your leg isn't broken, -- unless you are an actor.11. Be unique, --it demonstrates difference!12. Sing in the shower. -- With a friend!13. Put your shoes on the wrong feet and laugh at yourself, -- or have someone laugh at you.14. Make someone's day, -- or night.15. Stand on your head. -- For a free beer!16. Stare at the world above you. -- Hopefully not from under a bar.17. Play with an animal. -- Be sure it is one which cannot eat you!18. Slurp Jell-O. --Add Vodka for flavor.19. Do something unplanned. -- Plan to do it this weekend!20. Plan to do something and have it go as planned. -- This is hard!21. Stand back and look in. -- Tell my wife this when shopping all the time.22. Appreciate a paradox -- paradox a appreciate.23. Dive in. -- Naked!24. Get grass stains. -- Naked :)25. Wave your hands in the air.
   - - Use the middle finger at birds.26. Swim with the fishes. -- Again, naked.27. Make maple syrup. -- Don't use pine juice.28. Climb a tree. --Don't climb a pine.29. Spin in a circle once while walking to class. -- Don't fall in a mud puddle.30. Tell someone they look nice. -- You look nice.31. Collect something, -- like taxes from the tax collector!32. Walk barefoot every chance you get. -- Even in the snow!33. Build a sand castle, -- or a snowman.34. Walk with no destination. -- Talk with no destination.35. When all your exams are done, treat yourself to an ice cream cone. -- OK I WILL! Then a beer.36. Entertain yourself by making faces. -- bend over and see if they look the same.37. Don't just listen, try to hear. --Then try to listen to a friend.38. Wear shoes until they're so old they won't stay on your feet. --Then wear them swimming.39. Appreciate the primary colors. -- Know them!40. When you wake up, realize you're alive. -- Promise not to use vulgarities.41. Walk in the rain, -- with a bar of soap.42. Blow bubbles, -- in the tub!43. Make the most of where you are. -- Ride an Arctic Cat!44. Jump as high as you can. -- Come down on an empty beer can, and recycle it.45. Dance -- in bed46. Talk less and say more. --Carry a BIG stick.47. Exercise before you diet. -- 12 oz. curls don't count do they?48. Learn to play chess. -- That and Linear Algebra may come in handy.49. Sit by a river. -- With a beer, on an Arctic Cat.50. Never lose your sense of humor. -- You will need it!