Another test

There was a blonde driving a ferrari. A cop pulls her over forspeeding, the cop asks," can I see your license and registrationplease!"The blonde responds, "license and registration what is that?" The cop respnds," you will find your license in your purse andregistration in your glove compartment." The cop gets the license and registration and goes back to the car,and he calls dispatcher and reports it. The dispatcher replies,"this wouldnt be a blonde in a ferrari would it?" The cop replies,"yes it is." The dispatcher says, "go back to her car and drop yourpants." The cop responds back,"I cant do that!" The dispatcher says, "trustme, just do it!" then the cop replies,"ok whatever you say!"So he walks back to her car, and drops his pants. The blonde turnsaround and says, "oh no, not another breathalizer test!"