Dear Abby

Snappy answers to sappy questions:All your puny problems solved in 10 words or less!Q: Dear Abby,What can I do about my little brother? He's such a pest!A: Have you tried a flyswatter?Q: Dear Abby,My boss is a mean, unappreciative slave driver who constantly belittles me. What can I do?
A: Shut up and get back to work!Q: Dear Abby,My dad insists I clean my room! How can I get out of this?
A: Get a new dad.

Q: Dear Abby,Why are you so lazy?
A: Dear loser, Why are you so stupid? Next question.

Q: Dear Abby,Help! I need to lose weight! How can I stop eating all the fattening foods I love?
A: Send them to me and I'll eat them for you.